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The Olympia is a singe ply event only set for Sept 16-17. There is no raw lifting. In order to receive consideration for an invitation lifters will need to be ranked in the top 5 for their weight class for single ply in the USPA as found on the PowerliftingWatch rankings.

Olympia Single Ply Powerlifting Invites
48kg/105, Stacia Al-Mahoe, accepted
48kg/105, April Shumaker, accepted
60kg/132, Ellen Stein, accepted
75kg/165, Bernice Fuss, accepted
75kg/165, Tara OShaughnessy, accepted
82.5kg181, Halla Run Frioriksdottir, accepted
90kg/198, Macy Armstrong, accepted
90+kg/198+, Melissa Squires, accepted

67.5kg/165, Micah Marino, accepted
75/165, Rico Rodriguez,
75/165, Richie Power, accepted
75/165, Ranier Altmäe, accepted
82.5kg/181, Shane Brodie, accepted
82.5kg/181, Patric Kantenbacher, accepted
90kg/198, Shawn Buckley, accepted
90kg/198, Seth Lee, accepted
100kg/220, Rinaldo Visser, accepted
100kg/220, Asa Barnes, accepted
100kg/220, Ben O'Brien, accepted
110kg/242, Sean Green, accepted
110kg/242, Scott Cartwright, accepted
110kg/242, Mark Slivinski, accepted
110kg/242, Jimmy House, accepted
125kg/275, Dennis Cornelius, accepted
125kg/275, Greg Panora, accepted
125kg/275, Chris Pappillion, accepted
125kg/275, Allen Baria, accepted
140kg/308, Robert Lee, accepted
140kg/308, Cody Knebel, accepted
140kg/308, Justin Graalfs, accepted
140kg/308, Marshall Johnson, tentative, needs qualifier
140+kg/SHW, Matt Olsen, accepted

Olympia Single Ply Benchpress Invites
75kg/165, Kathy Johnson, accepted
75kg/165, Emma Ylitalo-James, accepted

67.5/148, Ranier Altame, accepted
82.5kg/181, Dana Walker, needs updated qualifier
90kg/198, Ryan Marble, accepted
110kg/242, Scott Mecham, accepted
110kg/242, Jim Phraner, accepted
110kg/242, Pat Fraccola, accepted
110kg/242, Chris Smith, accepted
SHW, Steven Lee, accepted

Olympia Multi Ply Benchpress Invites
82.5kg/181, Michael Bingham, accepted
90kg/198, Kalle Rasanen, Finland, accepted
90kg/198, Tim Hensley, accepted
110kg/242, Eric DeCaires, accepted
110kg/242, Tony Carlino, accepted
140+kg/SHW, Andy Bosnyak, accepted
140+kg/SHW, Ryan Kennelly, accepted

Olympia Single Ply Deadlift Invites
56kg/123, Suzanne Davis, accepted
60kg/132, Jane Stevenson, accepted
90kg/198, Kate Hanson, accepted
90+/SHW, Makala Davis, accepted

75kg/165, Todd Jones, accepted
82.5kg/181, Chris McGrail, accepted
100kg/220, Sean Olsen, needs qualifier
100kg/220, Mitchell Masterson, accepted
100kg/220, Tim Sparkes, accepted
100kg/220, Jimmy House, accepted
100kg/220, Sean Hoey, accepted
100kg/220, Brandon Cass, accepted
110kg/242, Christopher Della Fave, accepted
125kg/275, Marcus Griffiths, accepted
125kg/275, Patrick Raquet, accepted
140kg/308, Patrick Holloway, accepted
140+/SHW, Freyded Rankin, accepted
140+/SHW, Ronnie Livron (Benikken Mohand Ameziane), accepted

International judges will be:

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