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The Olympia is a singe ply event set for Sept 2017. There is no raw lifting. This is an Open Elite single ply showcase event. It is open to anyone with an Open Elite single ply total or Open single ply bench or deadlift along with an Open Elite Multiply bench. There is no age groups but lifters can set records in their age groups.
Men's Classification Chart here: http://www.uspa.net/resources/USPA-Stan ... ds-Men.xls
Women's Classification chart here: http://www.uspa.net/resources/USPA-Stan ... -Women.xls

Olympia Single Ply Powerlifting 15 slots for women full power
60kg, Ellen Stein, confirmed
60kg, Tamara McElwee, confirmed
75kg, Cyra Dragon, confirmed
82.5kg, Stephanie Stephens, confirmed
90kg, Macy Armstrong, confirmed
90+kg, Randi Lee, confirmed

75kg, Ilya Kokorev, confirmed
82.5kg, Patric Kaltenbacher, confirmed
90kg, Shawn Buckley
90kg, Asa Barnes
100kg, Ben O'Brien, confirmed
110kg, Tony Carlino, confirmed
110kg, Erick Baker, confirmed
125kg, Mukesh Singh
125kg, Marshall Johnson, confirmed
125kg, Cody Knebel, Confirmed
140kg, Robert Lee, confirmed
140kg, Joshua Anderson, confirmed
140+kg, Matt Olsen

Olympia Single Ply Benchpress
75kg, Kandice Kinney, confirmed

75kg, Ilya Kokorev, confirmed
90kg, Dave Matevosian, confirmed
100kg, Andrey Paley, confirmed
140kg, Dmitry Bubnov, confirmed
140kg, William Lee, confirmed
140+kg, Steven Lee, confirmed

Olympia Multi Ply Benchpress
82.5kg, Ekaterina Zaytseva, confirmed


Olympia Single Ply Deadlift
52kg, Danielle Columby, confirmed
60kg, Michelina Weatherall, confirmed
60kg, Suzanne Davis, confirmed

75kg, Ilya Kokorev, confirmed
90kg, Andrey Sizov
100kg, Rinaldo Visser, confirmed
100kg, Arturs Udris, confirmed
125kg, Patrick Holloway, confirmed
125kg, James Hickey
125kg, Mark Griffiths,
140+, Fredi Gonzales

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