2018 American Cup, LA Fit Expo roster

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Lifters with an Open Class Elite Raw total or Open Class Elite Classic Raw are eligible to register for this event at this link: https://campscui.active.com/orgs/United ... ns/2114302

Saturday, Jan 6, 2018
Classic Raw (kneewraps)

56kg, Jessica Brown, confirmed
67.5kg, Noemi Garnica, confirmed
67.5kg, Perla Apodaca, confirmed
75kg, Cyra Dragon, confirmed

75kg, Gerald Dionio, confirmed
82.5kg, Mackie Fleishman, confirmed
82.5kg, Roy Glenn, confirmed
90kg, Rodney Manor, confirmed
90kg, Cesar Navarro, confirmed
100kg, Harrison Stickelman, confirmed
100kg, Adam Ferchen, confirmed
100kg, Joseph Sullivan, confirmed
100kg, Elliott Shults, confirmed
100kg, Michael Armendariz, confirmed
110kg, Emilio Paez, confirmed
110kg, Uriah Clark, confirmed, Injured 9-27-17. Needs replacement
125kg, Steve Maday, confirmed
125kg, Philip Maranto, confirmed
140kg, Nick Best, confirmed
SHW, AC Toriz, confirmed, injured 10-20-17. Needs replacement
SHW, David Douglas, confirmed

Sunday, Jan 7, 2018
Raw: (sleeves)

48kg, Jenny Sutherland, confirmed
48kg, Samyra Abweh, confirmed
52kg, Yolaunda Campbell, confirmed
52kg, Esther Lee, confirmed
60kg, Samantha Todd, confirmed
60kg, Ellen Stein, confirmed
67.5kg, Barbara Lee, confirmed
67.5kg, Margarita Delgado, confirmed
67.5kg, Ana Malagon, confirmed
75kg, Chakera Holcomb, comfirmed
75kg, Salina Vega, confirmed
75kg, Teresa Gonzalez, confirmed
82.5kg, Jodie Sajor, confirmed
82.5kg, Rosio Rodriguez, confirmed
82.5kg, Cierra Laxton, confirmed

67.5kg, Jared Mishlove, confirmed
75kg, Josh Moore, confirmed
82.5kg, Kevin Torres, confirmed
82.5kg, Nicholas Austin, confirmed
100kg, Josh Lentz, confirmed
100kg, Shawn Murphy, confirmed
110kg, Tony Montgomery, confirmed
110kg, Luigi Fagiani, confirmed
125kg, Andy Huang, confirmed
125kg, Douglas Malo, confirmed
125kg, Adam Leidigh, confirmed, cancelled 10-17
140kg, Lucas Banks, confirmed
140kg, Abraham Ramirez, confirmed
140+kg, Jaime Ortiz, confirmed
140+kg, Brandon Allen, confirmed
Steve Denison,

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