Deadlift, Foot Movement after the Down Command

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I had a discussion with a couple of lifters on a facebook thread about whether one can move their feet after the down signal, when returning the bar to the platform. I think the rules would allow for that, and I've seen sumo lifters do this on more than one occasion...specifically to ensure the bar doesn't come down on their toes if they are a wide stance puller. Either way, it won't affect me as a conventional puller, but I would like to know as I occasionally provide technique advice on this lift. I was referred to 4.6.6 in our rule book which provides for that restriction, but I always believed that this was only until the down signal was given. The guys who i had this exchange with were both very experienced, and I have no reason to doubt what they say, but I would like to confirm this. I noted the only rule that specifically applies to anything that happens after the down command is 4.6.8. thanks in advance.jmk

4.6.6 Stepping backward, forward or lateral movement of the foot, although rocking the foot between ball
and heel is permitted.

4.6.8 After the down command, the bar must be returned to the platform with both hands on the bar without any force or propelling of the bar downward.

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