Difference Between Raw, Classic, Single Ply

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Please pardon the slight ignorance on the subject, but what is the differences between Raw, Classic, and Single Ply.
I want to make sure I am training and registering for the correct class for me.
I apologize for my green questions, but hope to go kill some personal goals in June.

Thank you in advance.

Brett N.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 20, 2016 6:00 pm
Raw requires a singlet, shoes, deadlift socks, and Tshirt for squat and bench.
Wristwraps and knee sleeves and 4 inch wide belt are allowed but not required
Classic Raw is the same but allows kneewraps up to 2.5M
Single ply allows single ply squat, bench and deadlift suit along with wristwraps up to 1M and kneewraps up to 2.5M
Steve Denison,

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